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Kraton polymers (SIS SBS SEBS)

Product Type  Plastic and rubber raw materials

Kraton G polymers are the hardest, most easily dilutable of all styrenic thermoplastic block copolymers, and are most compatible with polyolefins and mineral oils. The Kraton G series is a block polymer of second-generation polystyrene and partially hydrogenated rubber. The partially hydrogenated rubber can be styrene-ethylene / butene-styrene (SEBS) or styrene-ethylene / propylene-styrene (SEPS). They are designed for applications where UV resistance, high temperature and processing stability are required. Kraton G polymer is a soft, strong compound for the production of handles and grips, elastic parts in diapers, oleogels for telecommunications and medical applications, impact modifiers for engineering thermoplastics, tougheners for transparent polypropylene / Preferred material for tougheners.

  Kraton D SIS polymer is the softest Kraton grade. It has a low modulus and is the polymer of choice for pressure sensitive applications. It exhibits low viscosity and provides high strength and excellent elasticity. These thermoplastic resins are easy to process and compatible with various tackifying chemicals.

We mainly provide the United States and Taiwan production of the following products, packaging is Kraton original 25 kg bags or 600-pound bags
of choice SIS Kraton D 1183 polymer pressure-sensitive applications
application SEBS Kraton G1657 on Film: Compared ethylene - butene For POE, it can reduce the opening and closing temperature of 5-10C.
SEBS Kraton G1643 coating application plastic modified
SEBS Compound Kraton G7820 B General; good processing performance; recyclable materials
Kraton other models required by customers

Kraton Polymers (SIS SEBS)Kraton Polymers (SIS SEBS)Kraton Polymers (SIS SEBS)